Chief Cappo Bio

Biography of Todd Cappo

Todd Cappo proud member of the Muscowpetung First Nation, married to Candace, father of 3 sons (Tony, Cory, Cole) 1 daughter (Keira), grandfather to Kellan Cruz and Cassius William. Todd’s parents are the late Billy Cappo and Olive Ironeagle, grandson of late Morris and Evelyn Cappo as well as the late James Ironeagle and Veronique Otchoo.

Todd was raised by his grandparents and mother on the Muscowpetung and Pasqua First Nations. He also spent several of his younger years in the city of Regina and approximately 6-7 years in residential school. Todd completed the Indian Business Management program in 1995 and carried over his business program to SIFC (now First Nations University of Canada). He left to pursue politics in the community and became a councilor in 1994. Todd was able to return to the First Nations University of Canada and complete a degree in Business Administration.

Todd has served as Chief for 5 complete terms from 2000-2008 and then again 2010-2012. Todd has been able to use his education to help in the successful management of the band and various other boards and commissions throughout the FSIN and FHQ tribal council. He has served as a chairman of the Regina Treaty Status Indian Services (RTSIS), he has served several years as a board member on the First Nations University of Canada. Todd has been on the Indian Government Commission of the FSIN for 10 years. He has spent several years working on the Executive Council of the FHQ Tribal Council.

Todd Cappo has extensive strategic experience in all levels of First Nations Government. He has also been the lead negotiator for the Muscowpetung Flood Claim Negotiation team and has worked directly on this file since this Specific Land Claim was validated in 1998. Todd has been directly responsible in getting the band out of co-management and third party management that the band was placed under by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). Chief Todd Cappo continues to be a firm believer in the improvement of the band government and has a sincere concern in the betterment of the quality of life for all his membership.

Todd has been a strong advocate for Muscowpetung for more than a ¼ of his life and has exuded a strong sense of leadership and character in all of his efforts. He continues to remain committed to developing and enhancing all areas of the band and his leadership abilities have proven to foster positive results in all the places and situations he has worked in.

Todd was Chief and lead negotiator on the Flood Claim, when Muscowpetung declined Canada’s first offer of settlement of 2.8 Million as compensation for 1,180 acres. Todd was Chief and lead negotiator on the Flood Claim when Muscowpetung accepted the 30.6 Million Dollar settlement offer. With the Flood Claim near completion, Todd will use this negotiation experience to negotiate and settle Muscowpetung’s 1909 Specific Surrender claim of 17,600 acres.