Update #1: Information update regarding Per Capita Payments

September 19, 2012
Dear Members,

The pay-out schedule and details for the Per Capita payments were rationalized by Chief and Council taking into consideration several factors, some of which are summarily listed below:

  1. 2.3 Million of Trust principle will be set aside for the payment of Per Capita Payments. This one time Flood Settlement per capita payment will be paid as follows:

    a.) Age category and entitlement to the per capita payment shall be determined on the “Effective Date” of the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust Agreement (the Effective Date is essentially the date  Canada pays the compensation into the Trust Account).

    b.) Entitlement shall be to those registered band members, born and living on the Effective Date.

    c.) The per capita schedule shall be as follows:
    i.) Infant to 17 years of age shall be paid $1,000.00;
    ii.) Adult 18 to 54 years of age shall be paid $1,500.00; and
    iii.) Elder 55 and up, years of age shall be paid $5,000.00.

    d.) Per capita payments shall be administered shortly after the Effective Date. Council is currently working with administration and legal counsel to put into place an efficient method to  administer the per capita payments. Options will be available for pick up for delivery.
    e.) Payment to an Infant or Child shall be paid in Trust to the Parent with legal custody of the Child for the benefit or investment of the Child band member, or for room, board or personal care of  the Child as the Parent sees fit.

    f.) Payment to a Child in foster care shall be placed into Trust with the Saskatchewan Office of the Public Trustee or similar trust arrangement.

    g.) Payment for Adult dependents will be paid to the legal guardian.

    h.) Payment to an Adult who is incarcerated, out of country, ill, cannot be located or for any other reason cannot be administered, shall be held in Trust for a period of up to 12 months to allow  time to determine how this payment can be properly administered.

    i.) Per capita payments with legal issues will also be held in Trust until it can be determined how this payment can be properly administered.

  2. Some of the factors Council considered are as follows:aa.) Elders are less likely to benefit over time from the Trust. Therefore their payment shall be higher on the front end. Additionally, their payment shall not effect an old age pension  payment. Please note however: For those Elder members on Social Assistance, financial planning with your worker will have to be in order to structure this payment so that your  benefits are not terminated.

    bb.) Adult payments are set at $1,500.00. Any higher amount would affect members on Social Assistance with possible termination of benefits. See section 28(2)(cc.2) of The Saskatchewan  Assistance Regulations S.R. 78/66) under The Saskatchewan Assistance Act. (see:www.qp.gov.sk.ca/documents/English/Regulations/Regulations/SR78-66.pdf ) .

    cc.) Children will benefit most from the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust Account over time. Their per capita payment shall be $1,000.00.

    dd.) Payments shall be tax free as income earned on Muscowpetung Indian Reserve, by a Treaty Status band member.

Yours truly,

Chief & Council

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