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February 24, 2012

Chief and Council had this site developed to assist the Flood Claim negotiation team in the distribution of information and documents concerning the Muscowpetung Flood Claim settlement, settlement documents, upcoming information meetings, contact information, status of the settlement, the ratification process, the ratification vote, the results of the ratification vote and if the vote is successful, when the settlement money will be paid by Canada into the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust.

We have tried test runs with newsletters, but are finding our membership address list to be outdated as several of the newsletters have been returned and we are getting reports from membership that they are not receiving their newsletter or mail from the Band. We are hopeful this webpage can assist us with information sharing between the band office and you.

We have chosen the web domain “”, so that after the ratification vote, this website can be used for the flow of information concerning the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust to you. As described in the Trust Agreement, you will be privy to the following information once the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust is in operation:

  1. A downloadable copy of the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust;
  2. Annual Audits;
  3. Annual reporting by the Trustee, including financial statements, performance of the investments, securities, bonds, funds and assets, including performance of the investment advisor;
  4. Trust financial sheets and balance sheets, as per the trust agreement;
  5. Location and time of the annual meeting between the membership, Trustee and investment advisor; and
  6. Any future documents and reports concerning the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust.

It is important to note, that the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust has been drafted so that it can be used as a Trust for other deposits that Muscowpetung may wish to add to the Trust funds in the future. In particular, we have done some future planning for the eventual settlement of the 1909 Specific Claim, regarding the illegal surrender of 17,600 acres of Muscowpetung farmland. This claim has been estimated, as compared to other specific claims of equal land value, to be well over 100 million dollars.

We are hopeful that over the next couple of years, the membership will be satisfied with the terms, operation and benefit of the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust; and choose to simply deposit the 1909 Specific Claim settlement funds into the Legacy Trust. We are hopeful that our Trust planning and development over the last couple of years, will have the long-term positive results that are projected.

I expect this website and web domain, to be part of your life and operational for a very, very long time. So please Bookmark. We will be updating the website with the information meeting package, document summaries, power point presentations, survey and survey reports and other updates as they become available.

There is a short summary of the downloadable documents below. We will be scheduling information meetings to meet with you personally (with our negotiation team, trustee, lawyer and financial advisor) to answer any questions you may have on the settlement documents on this website. Please check back, to look for updates and the scheduling of information meetings near you.

Below please find a review and summary of the RATIFICATION PROCESS. Ratification simply means that band membership will be asked to VOTE – yes or no – on whether they accept the Settlement Package and the Muscowpetung Legacy Trust Agreement. This vote is held pursuant to strict rules and procedures set out in federal legislation cited as the Indian Referendum Regulations, a copy of which can be found on this link: (,_c._957.pdf ). Indian Affairs will be conducting our Flood Claim ratification vote in accordance with these rules, procedures and requirements. INAC regional office has appointed Tracy Desjarlais as our Electoral Officer in charge of this vote.

The Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs cannot accept or agree to the Settlement; and Canada cannot pay out any settlement funds, until Canada is satisfied that a proper ratification vote has occurred in accordance with the Regulations and that Muscowpetung membership has voted in favor. Muscowpetung First Nation needs a double majority vote result for the vote to pass. This means that 50% plus 1 members have to vote and 50% plus 1 voters have to vote in favor of the ballot question. This is in more detail on the Ratification summary on this website.

Just so it is clear – Muscowpetung First Nation has not received ANY of the 30.6 Million Dollar settlement funds. It is impossible to get an advance of these funds, as Canada has no authority to release the funds until the Agreements have been ratified and passed by Muscowpetung; and accepted and approved by both Saskatchewan and Canada.  We will not receive any of the funds until that process is complete.

If you have any questions or concerns, our Toll free number is: 1-866-848-4747. Our band office landline is: 1.306.723.4747. Again, please check back for upcoming information meetings as this is where we will have our technical advisors on hand to answer your questions on the Flood Claim or Legacy Trust.


Chief Todd Cappo

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