Update #2: Information update regarding mail out packages and address updates

September 19, 2012

If you have not received your mail out flood settlement information package and mail in ballot by Thursday, September 27, 2012 please contact the Electoral Officer or the Deputy Electoral Officer after September 27, 2012.

If you are out of province or out of country and have not yet received your package, please contact the deputy electoral officer and provide your updated address.

If you have relocated or changed your address in 2012, please contact the deputy electoral officer.

Thank you. Please note all the information in the package is on this website with the exception of the mail in ballot, which is handled solely by the Electoral Officer Tracy Desjarlais and mailed to your last known address. If that package is not picked up and returned to Ms. Desjarlais, then our staff will contact family to try to locate you.

Alternatively, if you prefer communication by electronic mail, please email your legal name, date of birth, treaty number and current mailing address to our legal counsel at d.stonechild@shaw.ca.  Please title the email in the “RE” section, “MUSCOWPETUNG FLOOD RATIFICATION”.

Another Alternative, if you just want a hardcopy of the package, without the BALLOT, you can pick up a copy at the band office.

Contact telephone numbers:

a) Deputy Electoral Officer Kim Pratt – toll free at 1.866.848.4747; or direct at 1.306.723.4747;
b)  Deputy Electoral Officer Jamie Poitras – toll free at 1.866.848.4747; or direct at 1.306.723.4747; or
c)  Electoral Officer Tracy Desjarlais -1.306.780.3869.

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